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sudhiranjan 17th Jul, 2011+0
Got a call saying my credit line was in jeopardy press 9 to speak to a rep. When I pressed 9 Ed White answered said thanks for holding are you interested in lowering your credit card rate. I replied no, and said how can I be added to your do not call list? He was very rude said great another F*&%ing A**Hole and hung up on me. I tried to call the number back but, it only rings once then does a disconnect sound and hangs back up
apg 16th Jul, 2011+0
caller trying to sell insurance for deposits in the bank for 399.00. Wanted copy of my mothers check.
NJ 15th Jul, 2011+0
Yeah, that number has called me two times a day (at least) for the last month. I finally snapped and called it back. The first time it told me "Thank you for calling" and I missed the name, then it disconnected me. The second time I called to write down the name, I got through to a representative. The company's name is World Reserve Monitary Exchange. They thanked me for calling them back, but when I explained it only calls and hangs up, they sounded puzzled. They said they would take me off of their list. Give the number a call and see if you get through.
Lalosky 14th Jul, 2011+0
said i was approved for a payday loan but didn't say how much just that i was approved. i just was calling back for more info and the line is constantly busy. but when he called me, i hear ppl talking in background like in a office of some sort.
csuite 13th Jul, 2011+0
I answered and no one says anything.
JustMe 9th Jul, 2011+0
first time
Marcus 8th Jul, 2011+0
Call and leaves no message. Been happening for a week now. Only call when I'm at work. It is pissing me off

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